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ABOUT YGW-Tiferes Gedaliah

The Yeshiva High School was founded in 1963 by HaRav Gedaliah Anemer zt”l and community leaders so that families in the Greater Wash­ington area would have a local address for their children to receive a quality yeshiva edu­cation with separate divisions for boys and girls. The found­ing concept was to create an institution that would provide a high quality Judaic and general studies high school education. Beginning with a class of six students, the lay committee and rabbonim of the community appointed Rabbi Anemer as Rosh HaYeshiva, a position he held for more than forty years until his passing, to guide the institution with Daas Torah and a vision for the greater Wash­ington Jewish community. Within a few years, YHS expanded to a full high school and in 1980 added the junior high school to become the Yeshiva of Greater Washington.

In 1994 our Headmaster Rabbi Yitzchok Merkin together with Rabbi Anemer and the Board of Directors created the Yeshiva Gedolah, recruiting Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky to head the program. Housed on the Boys Campus, the Yeshiva Gedolah adds to the quality of the Boys Division by presenting role models, providing additional learning opportunities as well as tutorial assistance for our students. Many of the students have been attracted to the community creating a nucleus of young Torah-strong couples enriching the fabric of the community. This commitment to advanced Torah learning subsequently led to the founding of the Kollel Zichron Amram. In turn, these developments broadened YGW’s scope to becoming a vehicle of disseminating Torah and its study throughout the Greater Washington area.

YGW is proud to see almost two thousand graduates for whom Torah is their life guide to reach both personal and professional success in all professions such as doctors, scientists, lawyers, rebbeim, rabbonim, mechanchos, and kiruv professionals in communities around the world.

On the occasion of our 50th anniversary, YGW was renamed Yeshiva of Greater Washington – Tiferes Gedaliah (YGW), in memory of our founder, HaRav Gedaliah Anemer zt”l. YGW is accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education, a member of Torah U’Mesorah, and a partner agency of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.

YGW defines itself by the absolute values and principles of the Torah as defined by the Rosh HaYeshiva. The Rosh HaYeshiva transmits these values to the leadership, staff and student body. Every member of the YGW organization espouses these values and principles, and they comprise the foundation upon which the institution operates.

Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky is the current Rosh HaYeshiva of the Yeshiva of Greater Washington – Tiferes Gedaliah. He studied and received rabbinic ordination from the Mir Yeshiva of Jerusalem. In Israel, Rabbi Lopiansky taught at Aish HaTorah from 1983- 1990, and then taught at the Mir for five years before assuming the post of Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva Gedolah here in 1994.

He was extremely active in the cause of Soviet Jewry, travelling to the Soviet Union on numerous occasions, and serving on resettlement organizations in Israel that assisted Soviet refuseniks in acclimating to Israeli life. Rabbi Lopiansky taught in the Israeli Army’s Hishtalmut program, which seeks to broaden the perspective of the army’s officer corps by exposing them to the entire gamut of Israeli society.

Rabbi Lopiansky is a prolific author, having written more than 20 works on Torah thought, liturgy, and philosophy, and lectures widely both nationally and internationally. He is a contributor to Encyclopedia Talmudis, and sits on various boards, among them the board of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture.