The mathematics department emphasizes an analytical, graphical, and numerical approach using graphing calculators. The course offerings are broad enough in scope that each student will be properly challenged and properly motivated to do his/her best. They include materials that are both practical for everyday living and also preparatory for future study of mathematics and related disciplines.

Our Math curriculum has two tracks focusing on maximizing students’ love and talents in mathematics. Both tracks prepare students for college entrance exams by the end of the 11th grade year, the traditional time to take the SAT or ACT exams.

  1. Our honors track complete Algebra in middle school and then proceeds to AP Calculus and/or AP Statistics options in the upper grades.
  2. Our standard track begins Algebra in middle school and completes Algebra 2 by 11th grade (a level of math students must complete before being prepared for SAT and ACT exams). 12th grade options include Statistics.

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Course Offerings:

Algebraic Concepts, Common Fractions, Statistics, Decimal Operations,  Geometry and Measurement
Algebra I
The goal of this course is to provide a solid Algebra experience for future courses in math including Geometry and Algebra II or Algebra II - SAT/Trigonometry.
Formal Geometry
The goal of this course is to learn Geometry with a high level of abstraction and logic. Proofs are done throughout the course and are an integral portion of the course. (Honors Option)
Informal Geometry
The goal of this course is to learn the foundations of Informal Geometry, with limited work with proofs, necessary to succeed on the math component of the SAT.
Algebra II
The goal of this course is to review and extend Algebra skills and knowledge needed for further mathematical study.
The goal of this course is to prepare students for Calculus the following year. (Honors Option)
AP Calculus (AB and BC)
The goal of this course is to master fundamental Calculus concepts in order to prepare students to perform well on the AP exam or in college level Calculus.
Probability and Statistics
The goal of this course is to provide a solid introduction to Probability and Statistics topics that can later be taken in a college setting.
This course is designed to give the basics of accounting. It is an introduction to real world business recording and reporting standards and methods. Additionally, financial organization skills are learned for individual use. College credit may be earned for this course.
Business Finance
The class will develop and reinforce practical financial skills for life, in order to enable the student to be effective at whatever he/she chooses to do (living on your own as a single person, marriage and family, work outside the home, work inside the home, volunteering, etc.).