Shavuos 5777


Shavuos at YGW – Open Bais Medrash throughout Yom Tov and the following special programs:


  ·        Boys Division High School Program – Please respond to Rabbi Hes

 ·         All Night Learning Program for 5th and 6th grade Boys with Guided Learning with Rabbi Amram Hes, Rabbi Ari Koretsky, Rabbi Yonatan Zakem, and Reb Nechemia Mond - 1:15 AM at YGW Boys Campus (Following Rabbi Rosenbaum’s Boys 12:00 am Shiur at YISE) Food, Drink, Prizes. Please contact Rabbi Yitzchak Scher with questions


 ·        Kollel Zichron Amram is making available a Guided Sourcebook on the Sugya of Birchas Hatorah for learning on Shavuos night. Kollel members will be available for questions and guidance. Chavrusas can be arranged if you contact Rabbi Yitzy Labell by May 29. For more information



FIRST DAY SHAVUOS / WEDNESDAY, MAY 31 SHIUR FOR WOMEN 5:30 pm “Continuing Studies in Megillas Rus” Shiur by Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky in the Belonofsky Bais Medrash, Boys Campus


SECOND DAY SHAVUOS / THURSDAY, JUNE 1 PROGRAM FOR MEN “Common Problems in Ribis (Interest)” 5:45 pm Chavrusa Learning; 6:45 pm Shiur by Rabbi Eli Reingold 7:30 pm Mincha in the Foxman Bais Medrash, Boys Campus