Dedication Programs

Parnas HaYom

Dedicate a Day of Learning at the Yeshiva to honor someone, wish a speedy recovery from illness, or remember a loved one. Your dedication will be posted in the Beis Medrash on that day and an acknowledgement letter as well as the plaque will be sent to the recipient you specify. Call  Mrs. Donna Goldman, ext 1552 (!

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Memorial Plaque

One of the time honored Jewish traditions is to purchase a plaque in memoery of a loved one. The plaque is located in the Yeshiva Beis Medrash, and indeed the hallowed Rabbi Moshe Feinstein zt"l stated that the purchaser actually owns that space in the Beis Medrash - a place where Torah is studied day and night - forever! Call Mrs. Donna Goldman, ext 1552 (!


Sefer Dedications

Donate Sefarim in honor or memory of friends and loved ones. A dedication plaque will be affixed on the inside cover and an acknowledgment letter will be sent to the recipient you specify.

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