I am pleased to tell you that, with the support of the Board of Directors, we are able to offer busing through Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) from the Linden Lane campus to Kemp Mill for the 2017-18 school year. The service will run Monday through Thursday at the end of the school day [4:45pm] with 2-3 central drop-off locations to be determined. It is important to understand that the bus service only runs on days when MCPS is open and dismisses at its regular time. As such, carpool or other arrangements will be required on all non-service days. These include holidays YGW is open but MCPS is closed; county snow days on which YGW is open; YGW early dismissal days; and MCPS scheduled early dismissal days. A full calendar of carpool days will be provided with the exception of snow days of course. As a point of information at this time, I count 13 days that carpools would be needed during the year (including five during the week of the county’s winter break). It should be noted that the last day of bus service will be June 11 when MCPS ends their school year.

The cost for the service is $400 per student for the year with a minimum ridership of 20 students. There are no partial enrollment plans for a reduced rate and no refunds if a student stops using the service. Payment in full is required before the start of the school year. You may pay by check ($400) submitted to the Business Manager or via PayPal ($412 including convenience fee) at the link below. Please contact Ms. Maryanna Walls at mwalls@yeshiva.edu with any questions in this regard.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Please complete the form below and hit the blue submit button after indicating form of payment so we can confirm that the bus is a go.

Best to all,   Becky Langer


PayPal Credit Card Payment [Choose number of students and click button]

Girls Kemp Mill Bus 2017-2018 Payment